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November 14th, 2013

I've been going ever since....

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Dinner is in the oven right now, so I figured I'd make an update real quick.

The sunset tonight looked really awesome. Too bad I don't have a good view where I'm at, and I didn't feel like walking/driving to get to the park where I'd be able to see it. Blah. It's not like I could've left with dinner in the oven, anyway.

Tomorrow is my 2 year anniversary of quitting smoking. It's such a weird concept for me... I do not remember being a smoker at all. I don't remember what I liked about it. I don't remember how annoying it was to go outside all the time (we didn't smoke in the house). I just don't remember. It's crazy how easy it is to forget something that was a part of my life for 13ish years. Crazy!

I got my hair cut today... nothing drastic. The last time I had it cut was a year and a half ago, other than a year ago when I tried to cut my bangs myself, ha. I just got the dead, damaged ends cut off, layers, and my bangs cut. I'm pretty happy with it. It looks a lot better than it did, more body and movement. Before it was just flat and blah.

My roots are like crazy, though. It needs dyed, but can I dye it while preggers? I'd do it myself at home because I never pay to get it done professionally... but are the fumes toxic? I'll have to look this up later.

I've been stuck in this depressive slump for a while now. It's either due to my crazy hormones, the shorter days, or a combination of both. I need to kick it because I'm soooo over it. Blah. I just want to sit around and do nothing... I haven't put it hours at work. I haven't gone to the gym like I wanted to. I haven't cleaned like I wanted to. I'm just depressive and blah. I guess I need to push myself and fake it until I make it, right? I guess I wouldn't say I'm depressed because I'm not sad. I've just lost all motivation to do all things. Does that make sense?

My mom and aunt are annoying me so bad. When I told them about the baby, I specifically told them not to tell anyone yet, that I wanted to wait until around Thanksgiving when I was 12-13 weeks/at the end of the first trimester. Did either of them listen? Nope. My aunt told me today that she told everyone at work. That's fine, I guess, since none of them know me or any other people that I know. My mom told half my family already. I'm so pissed off about it that I could slap her. The thing that pisses me off the most is she keeps playing like she hasn't told anyone ("hey, when is it again that I can tell people, I'm dying to let people know!") when everyone is messaging me on FB or texting me to say congrats. When asked, they say my mom told them. WTF, mom? Really? Shut the fuck up already. I shouldn't have told her until I wanted to tell everyone else. She would've been pissed, but whatever. She's the one that can't keep a secret. Annoying.

I'm so dehydrated that my lips are chapped and peeling. It sucks. So, I'm trying to force the water today. I'm at 50oz so far. That means just 3 more of my 10oz glasses tonight. I might be able to do it.

I felt icky last night like I was getting sick. So, I passed out super early and slept hard... felt much better this morning. I either slept whatever it was away or I was just tired.

I forgot to mention forever ago that when I had my ultrasound, I went ahead and scheduled the sequential screening (genetic disorder tests). Mostly, I wanted to extra ultrasound, but also for Daniel. I thought my 12 week ob appointment was the 26th, so I scheduled this for the 25th. Turns out the first appointment was the 25th, too. I'm hoping an hour is enough time for the OB appointment because that's how much time I have for it. At least the ultrasound is done at the hospital right across the street... so basically no travel time. It's kinda stressing me out, but what doesn't, right?

Um... I think that covers everything I've had in my head. I'm sure I'm forgetting something, though.


January 14th, 2013

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